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Make sure you are aware of the risks. And the rewards.

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If your company employs people who use a vehicle in the course of their work, even if only occasionally,  then DRM driver training can help to assess and manage the associated risks. And make sure you gain the rewards.

The Risks

Since April 6, 2008 all companies (regardless of their size) can be legally prosecuted where a safety failure has been found to be a cause of someone who has died or has killed someone as a result of their work - and it doesn’t have to be the only cause. This could include a death on the road due to reckless or dangerous driving but employers can no longer pass all responsibility for a fatal accident on to the driver.

Statistics show the most dangerous work-related activity performed by employees in the UK is driving – whether this is in their own vehicle or a company vehicle. When you then factor in 95% of all road accidents are caused by human error - it is estimated that a third of accidents in the UK involve someone driving for work.

If your organisation was found guilty of a safety failure involving driving at work, you could:

  • Be made to pay an unlimited fine. In some extremely serious cases, a business' closure order may be made.
  • Be forced to implement specified safety improvements within a specified period.
  • Have the full details of the conviction including the amount fined and action taken publicised nationally – and at your company’s expense.

The Rewards

In addition to mitigating the risks highlighted above, it you properly train people who need to drive as part of their job, there are several significant benefits that far outweigh the cost of training:

  • Protect your business hard earned brand and reputation
  • Significantly reduce fuel costs and emmissions
  • Save money on servicing and repairs by reducing the vehicle wear and tear
  • Make your employees more confident, considerate and capable drivers
  • Fewer sickness days due to lower stress levels